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Appealing to a Higher Court

Winning or losing a case in the trial court may not be the end of the road.  If your side won, the other side may appeal and you will have to defend the result.  In the event of a loss, the client has a right to appeal to higher court.  Errors in the pre-trial process, the discovery before trial, the abuse of expert witnesses and the orders entered by the trial court may contain errors the appellate court will consider reversible.  There may be serious flaws and errors made by the judge who tried the case.  There may be errors in the admission or exclusion of evidence, the instructions to the jury, the law utilized by the trial judge.  Peter R. Bornstein at the Law Offices of Peter R. Bornstein can analyze your case to determine whether an appeal is warranted.  He knows the art of persuading an appellate court that the trial contained errors sufficiently egregious to warrant a reversal of the result, or alternatively, to persuade the appellate court that there was no error or the error was harmless.

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